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Oct 6, - News · World News · Arts · Headlines · Most read · Wires · Games River Phoenix could be alive today if his brother and celebrity . Up and coming: River's career shifted when he starred as a gay street of the Children of God, a Christian sex cult, and moved around a lot, Most watched News videos.

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Beautiful, brainy and at 45, a Hollywood superstar.

phoenix gay river

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Yes, he'd taken some things that night but the actual elixir that killed him was full of stuff he wasn't aware of. Of course, he fag gay tube tgp hanging with guys like at R and it was his very friend he'd river phoenix gay to rehab who gave him the drugs and he blindly took them.

R Keanu was the friend with the abscessed arm, River brought to the hospital, as mentioned in the 'Esquire" article above. I had this poster on my wall 20 years ago. It represented the lost mess I was.

phoenix gay river

Funnily river phoenix gay I'm still a lost mess so I might just put the poster back up. I still have it. R It's a great poster. And you're not a lost mess. It looks like your head was actually in good place and everyone else hadn't caught up. We all walk certain journeys alone.

It made it across country with me, and was up in river phoenix gay 10 different Los Angeles apartments before it got too ratty and I had to throw it away in I had the same one in my teenage bedroom, r on the same wall with "Scarface" and "Eraserhead". River seemed to be completely in love with Keanu and so was Gus I think eventually they both got lucky but Keanu was a bottom, things probably would not have worked out with River.

Keanu loved River, he said he did. Kasden said they were very close. What most people didn't catch on to I have never river phoenix gay there was anything good about Heart but I do not believe that she would have allowed her children to be molested. If River was messed with, I'm sure it was by other children. Molested children, molest other children because they think it's normal. R If it were adults, I sincerely don't believe it would have happened with her consent.

I think the cult was just a messed-up environment for them to all be in. Heart did get freaked-out about something and they all bailed river phoenix gay it so I river phoenix gay think she was evil or anything. I think River picked-up the creative idealism from his parents river phoenix gay their highly perfected skill of lying to themselves.

They could make even the most miserable experiences romantic and positive and I think that mentality is what helped Heart to push out thoughts that she wasn't a Christian messenger, prepared to spread hippie awareness throughout America as much as just another Hollywood stage parent, like so many others.

R River and Keanu loved each other, very river phoenix gay. Neither gay k9 personals hid that. They both spoke about it candidly. Whether that would celeb gay gossip have been translated as romantic, at some point, wasn't clarified but there river phoenix gay a great deal of love there.

Mar 28, - in 's Point Break, and even rolled over to show a flash of pubes! where he also put his potato to use with Udo Kier and River Phoenix during a gay three-way. Six years later Reeves was hot as hell during a sinfully sexy nude Pornstars · Porn Games · Sean Cody Discount · Gay Porn Discounts.

phoenkx Gus did free gay sex xtube in love with Keanu but Keanu was young and not committed to anything with him.

Everyone knew Gus fell hard and it took a gayy time for that to go away. If it gay dad son dvd fully did. I've often wondered about that. Sam Ajamian, river phoenix gay now actively campaigns against the cult, says free sex and group orgies started as far back as a year before the Phoenixes joined.

The group operated on a strict secrecy system within hairy gay cum communes, so husbands and wives were often unaware of each other's sexual partners. Ajamian, "My wife could have been involved in all kinds of things, and I wouldn't know about it. That's how tight they were.

David Berg even encouraged his disciples to molest phoenux own children. He believed that one of the best ways for kids to learn river phoenix gay sex was by having it with their own parents. There river phoenix gay a memorandum about this sent out. People were river phoenix gay to read it and burn it. John was given the exalted title of Archbishop river phoenix gay Venezuela and the Caribbean, and the family moved to Caracas, Venezuela.

River, then five, and his sister Rain, three, were coached by their parents to sing Children of God songs so they could phoemix on street corners to feed the family. R It was truly weird but he seemed too close to his family to have had a dysfunctional experience like riiver.

phoenix gay river

My thought is that Heart saw her kids being targeted by adults and that's when they fled. She said it was about the "flirty fishing" thing but I think it was more than that. Actually there were a lot of rumors about drug use on the set of Idaho long before River's death. Yeah but he wasn't a big public mess like the Lohans today though it was, granted, a pre TMZ tiime. So when he died, sugar daddy gay was shock.

Because he was considered a river phoenix gay little vegan with respect for his rivsr, etc. I didn't see it coming and it was one of the worst in terms of surprise. His family seemed to be smothering, not close, at least when gay anal moves was their meal ticket. And yes, a lot of rivfr families seem "close" to outsiders, but they're not so much close as isolated, smothering, withdrawn from society and its norms and laws.

One river phoenix gay that really stood out to me when reading Last Night at the Viper Room was that River's parents - especially his father - seemed emotionally stunted and irresponsible.

Heart did the right thing getting the river phoenix gay away from the Children of God, but she still turned a blind eye to River's problems later on, because IIRC she was his manager, and he was also the family breadwinner.

He kept wanting to take a river phoenix gay but knew he couldn't because everyone literally depended on him to put food on the table. Imagine having that kind of responsibility at his age. His father and mother were not living together, John owned a rriver River's father is an alcoholic bay I believe Heart is a grifter. Rodney's manager was furious phlenix Van Sant that he did not inform him that Rodney was shooting heroin with River and Keanu.

He may have even tried to sue Gus over that situation. The Phoenix family are seriously messed up. There was BI a few years ago about an actor who was in an incestuous relationship with his sister apparently the family knew and approved! It was written by Enty so it was more than likely made up but with the kids growing up in that sick cult, who knows. Joaquin has never been married,doesn't have children and brings river phoenix gay mom to award shows. Those signs point to the is lil scrappy gay. The Central was the coolest place on the strip.

A bit of a dive, gay adoption pro a showcase for real, hard-working musicians. Full of manly men too, not the faux-men of the Hollywood actor set. At the Central, if some druggie-asshole was going around putting drugs river phoenix gay people's drinks he would have been picked up and thrown river phoenix gay by real men.

James Franco brings River Phoenix back to life

Bullshit was not tolerated there. And the neg o porno gay looked real there, not like made-up tarts.

I saw many great bands play the Central and they played for free. And they were men and women who had paid their dues for many years. Depp and his clan were pretend-musicians who were in it to look cool.

They killed the scene. I thought Depp actually wanted to be lhoenix musician before he got into acting? Not that that means phoeniix any good, but he went into acting because he wasn't getting river phoenix gay with his band or something like that anyway. Well, in those days, there were a great many places for a band to play, regardless of ability or caliber.

By Depps' time it was starting to peter out but still, tons of dive bars and clubs were happy to host a live band, and even pay a performance fee. There was a plethora of rehearsal spaces around town too, all within walking or busing distance for the struggling player. I'm guessing that Depp just wasn't that clancy is gay in the reality of being a poor musician. Acting pays the bills. A new, river phoenix gay band would have to hand out homemade promotional flyers, stand river phoenix gay clubs at night to offer free tickets, and work river phoenix gay dead-end day job river phoenix gay keep themselves fed.

R - You're probably right, I think he realised he wasn't ever going to be hugely successful as a musician and went for something more lucrative.

phoenix gay river

Actually he probably had never given it a lot of thought. Someone offered buckshot and gay a bit part in a film. He took the part. I'm pretty sure he fell into his luck and I don't know if he ever took an acting class.

Depp was guitarist for a band called "The Kids", which had been moderately successful back in Florida and not so successful in L. I don't know if Depp was any good river phoenix gay a guitarist, but he seems to have earned a living at it for a while, he was a pro rather than a wannabe.

As to how he got from failed musician to successful actor, river phoenix gay have been all sorts of odd rumors about Nicholas Cage, who was the river phoenix gay when Depp was starting out. One person said they had an affair, and another said that Depp was Cage's dealer, who knows.

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River had premonitions of his death, he river phoenix gay that angels were calling him and he wasn't going river phoenix gay fight them anymore. R He was worried about turning 23 on He claimed something big was going to happen to him and he was uneasy about it.

But that was from hanging arounf hippie numerologists in Hollywood and I think he sensed that he was pushing his limits. Your body almost warns you when you go too far or it's in danger. R20 So much pathos, without it being sappy. Everything you need to know about who that character really is, is in that line and how Phoenix delivered gay male picture. Here's someone who has nothing, has kinds of gays kicked by life in so, many ways, raised in the river phoenix gay ultimate dysfunction and chaos and yet, he can still love.

And that's all he wants. His dreams are about love, a home and a "normal dog" simple life. He's declaring his rivsr to someone who has everything -- who has his family searching for HIM, as a counterpart to Mike searching for his Mother -- yet, he can't see it and it's revealed that he river phoenix gay even have deeper problems and might even be unable to really love. Mike is triumphing river phoenix gay a human being, despite having making a move gay excuse not to.

Scott is failing in his soul, failing to fully connect with other people, gah having every opportunity to succeed. It says a lot about character, how river phoenix gay can be a good person despite the worst of gsy, despite stereotypes and public expectation and submerged in the most dysfunctional and toxic environments.

gay river phoenix

You can rise above it even if that success isn't obvious nor translates over into shallow and materialistic ways. He was an ideal but also a damaged, good person who managed to be a gay support sites, in his short life, in ways that aren't always evident by the river phoenix gay measurements. You hear it in how everyone describes him and how he river phoenix gay many people.

People don't talk about you, like that, unless you really tried for them. Rivrr tried for everyone. He made and effort for it all.

Rain Phoenix's unusual childhood

Not river phoenix gay in "Dogfight"? Or gay croatia cruise By Me"? I guess you're right in a way since he was never "sunny", always had a sad Subtext about him. Which is why we loved him. And why he could look like he did, be that physically beautiful, and still convince us he was the damaged goods R writes about. I needed to express what his performance river phoenix gay Idaho had meant rived me.

gay river phoenix

Someone liked my letter, and tracked me down via He talked on the phone for hours, river phoenix gay he came over to my place and he was very hot. Looked like Ethan Hawke. We talked alot about River, pheonix had sex till dawn. About 8 years later, I was down in the dumps, hanging out at Rage in West Foley gay mark. I'm sitting at a small table, river phoenix gay someone plunks down next to me.

It was "Ethan Hawke"!!

gay river phoenix

He took me back to his place in Park LaBrea and we did it again. He brought me out of my funk. Never saw him again after gay croch crabbing. Sophia Coppola looked at me If you see a cop, uh, don't look at me I bet no one river phoenix gay know what the hell to do. We said river phoenix gay to John's Alfresco Phoenux, Michelle took my month's weeds I couldn't find a partner, only pieces behind I guessed we'd all had a lot of better things to say.

I think I'll go back river phoenix gay Texas soon Leave these Hollywood Hills Shoot myself dead with the gun in my head That's what this town would have made gay double dick you.

Interview for "Running on Empty". I still can't exactly figure poenix you can watch Idaho and come out in love with River, instead of Keanu. James Franco should explain. Desirable is one thing; emotionally moving, another.

But River river phoenix gay a depth of soul, in addition to being beautiful. There is so much behind river phoenix gay phoneix. R No one's saying Keanu isn't desirable in this; openly gay judges obviously very hot and his character, Scott is supposed to be charming, the kind that reels you in.

The audience completely understands how River's character could fall in love with him. But only River phoenix gay character, Mike, gives true love, freely, expecting nothing in return from Scott because Mike has never expected anything in return from anyonewhile everyone else approaches Scott conditionally, with expectations and demands.

So, he approaches them in the same, objectifying way and river phoenix gay guilt in doing so. Except, Mike doesn't fit into irver objectifying, materialistic puzzle.

He embraces people who don't love him because it's a risk worth taking, in search of that one time someone will reciprocate, while Scott would rather push away real love, rather than risk being left without the safety net that has always been there under him, to catch him if he falls.

Scott was outgoing and lined up for power but quiet, gentle Mike was braver and stronger; the more worthy "heir" of the power. Scott lets himself be "used" but is in control the whole time, and can leave the life whenever he wants. Keanu is very river phoenix gay in it, and we do fall for him the way Mike does.

phoenix gay river

I think gays of my generation I was born in the same year as River all identify with Mike. I hope phoenkx has crazy gay orgy. R Hans was my favorite. Udo Keir is hilarious. He's hilarious in that brusque, German way and he plays it river phoenix gay for fun.

Was Keanu at the Viper Room when it all went down? I recall reading he was there earlier river phoenix gay the evening but left.

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Also heard he was there saw River convulsing river phoenix gay the street and ran away. Anybody know the real story? If he and Sandra were there, Gay military photo paid people off to keep quiet. By then, they already thought Speed was going to be a hit.

Sandra was best friends with Samantha. R I don't river phoenix gay so. I thought he was on set, filming for "Speed". He's said rivre where he found out.

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I hadn't heard about Keanu being near The Viper Room that night. Christina Applegate was river phoenix gay that night. She infamously gave her narcissistic, angsty grunge era take on river phoenix gay whole thing by "performing" what she saw in his last moments R William Richert has, quite honestly, seemed to have cracked over this. He's been convinced through the years that some big cover-up has happened over it. I think it was a bunch of scared kids and laid-back drug addicts who panicked and didn't river phoenix gay what to do.

Stars did not work at 1 in the morning on a Sunday, back in the 90s. Keanu never said where he was at that night. His publicist did most of his river phoenix gay. R Why would he have left so phoeinx before the rest of them?

River was supposed to play, that night but Johnny claimed, at the famous gay poets minute, that there wasn't enough room onstage for him. Phornix, yes, but I don't think part of some sinister plot. River went through spurts where he would be serious about his music and then be unreliable for recording and his reps thought he needed to work on sounding more professional poenix he was certainly good enough and a assplay and gay enough guitar player to play on that stage.

River was good friends with Reichert R I think he was good in the part, too and that he truly cared for River but was an impulsive, cerebral guy himself who seemed to fuel River's risk-taking tendencies.

Richert has said weird things, like "Heroin isn't dangerous, it's natural! He's an interesting guy with a flamboyant, story-telling style river phoenix gay I don't get why he's so convinced something really sinister went down that night. I'm sure people were jealous of River. I'm sure many of them were probably even there that night.

phoenix gay river

A particular person might have wanted to see river phoenix gay make a fool of himself or get ;hoenix to the press. R I can not believe he'd run away. That would be shocking to me.

They were best friends and very close. I would be shocked to hear that Keanu would see him convulsing on the sidewalk, then run away and pretend it wasn't happening.

The first call got was from Joaquin; you're telling me Keanu would watch his best friend dying on the sidewalk and not even call anonymously? It seems he was kind of vulnerable. At the time I thought there were some puoenix feelings because phownix had apparently snagged the part of Rimbaud Hard gy or not, River was violently convulsing and his river phoenix gay and girlfriend sobbing and screaming and you're telling Keanu would just be, like: Guess you won't be playing Rimbaud!

When you are young, you don't think you or your friends are going to die. I thought maybe Keanu was still inside but when he realized River video suck gay taken by ambulance, I would think he might go directly to the hospital.

R I'd heard nothing about him being at the river phoenix gay. Supposedly, he'd heard about it later in the day. Keanu old gay men bears River like a brother.

If nothing else, Flea would have called him right away. You act like they riger have simply heard about it from the news? Working with director Gus phoebix River phoenix gay, Franco launched a powerful installation of video art, cutting a minute film full of unseen footage of River Phoenix from the dailies of Van Sant's modern day classic My Own Private Idaho.

Showing alongside a series of watercolours by Van Sant designed to recall the colourful cast of hip and troubled teenagers that river phoenix gay the release, which also starred Keanu Reeves, Franco's film is by far the more interesting work.

phoenix gay river

Through thick, ragged curtains, which hang from river phoenix gay gallery's high ceilings, the film's viewing space is dotted with threadbare sofas, folding chairs and an instant coffee dispenser. It's decidedly more support group than cinema, but as Franco's gay movies swallow, set to a score by REM's Pboenix Stipe, plays on a loop on the ohoenix, there's something rather comforting about the oddly therapeutic setting.

River Phoenix died of an overdose just two years after making Idaho, leaving behind a powerful river phoenix gay of performance which included Stand By Me, The Mosquito Coast and an Oscar-nominated turn in Running on Empty. The two were married within the year.

phoenix gay river

The couple were archetypal flower children. Injust after River and Rain were born, they joined a religious sect called the Children of God for which they worked as missionaries, supporting themselves by fruit picking and other odd jobs. It was a laid back, free-spirited, hippy existence.

Each of their children was born in a different American state Rain in Texas and much of river phoenix gay early life was spent on the road. I get fidgety gya I'm in one place for longer than three months. Then inafter the birth of their fifth child, things took a river phoenix gay different course. Arlyn and John ditched ordinary old Bottom as a surname and picked River phoenix gay — with its connotations of a magical bird rising up out of the ashes.

They gzy to LA where Arlyn got a job as rive secretary with a casting agent at NBC, right in the heart of the slippery Hollywood talent pool, and they embarked river phoenix gay a course that adult hardcore gay set about turning their children into stars.

gay river phoenix

Nothing was off limits apart from commercials for meat, milk and junk food they were vegans. It was an incredibly selfless act," says Rain.

We realised there was a shared aspect gay news atlanta success — that at different times each river phoenix gay was poised to shine, and supporting that river phoenix gay the most important thing. That is really how we felt; it isn't just a statement, it was how we behaved. The Phoenix children were obviously quite a talented and precocious force.

Rain tells me the story of when they took the decision to turn vegan — how they were on a ship to Florida when they saw a group of fishermen thrashing fish against some nails sticking out of the side of the boat.

News:Thank U, Next Is a Phoenix Moment for Ariana Grande . Dolly Parton Says Watching Her Tribute Concert Was 'Like Watching Porn' “You're not centered on Elena and Syd illustrates how far television's portrayal of teen sex has come.

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