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May 9, - England Rugby World Cup hero Josh Lewsey and his girlfriend, schoolteacher Tamsyn Leach, should have known better when they invited.

Shiny, happy people

No wonder Michalak, unlike Wilkinson, is also an object of lust for other men.

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This month's issue of Tetu, France's leading gay magazine, used a photograph of him in one of the team's new skintight shirts to ie an investigation into rugby's increasing appeal to gays. And it's easy to see why,' said Is josh lewsey gay Cosse, who wrote the article. He's young, very gay blacks kissing and has an extraordinarily well-toned body.

He has not yet been fully absorbed into the star system, so is josh lewsey gay seems very accessible.

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Whoever wins today's battle will be on course to make more money in sponsorship deals and other spin-offs than any rugby player in history. They have hay just as rugby has begun to overhaul is josh lewsey gay staid image. Wilkinson is already a millionaire from endorsing brands such as Hackett clothes and Tetley's beer, but England victory today - and another on Saturday - would catapult him into the top is josh lewsey gay of serious high-earners in sport already occupied by the likes of David Beckham, the England football captain with whom he appears in gay lebanese men current television advertising campaign for boot-makers Adidas.

Ben Wells of sponsorship experts Red Mandarin said: If so, then the sky's the limit for him commercially.

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His persona is so attractive - a nice, down-to-earth guy who blokes admire because he's a terrific player and women fancy because he's got boy-next-door looks - manhunt gay video he could advertise almost any product.

Sally Price has no qualms about muscly men with or without their tight shirts being used to sell rugby. Earnings Still small, but set to explode. Gets paid for helping to endorse Nike, who make the French team's shirts. Status Handsome, hugely-gifted young upstart is josh lewsey gay French national team Raunchy 'anti-Wilkinson'. Leading points-scorer in World Cup joshh far.

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He says 'My name is Michalak and not Wilkinson. Jonny is the best fly-half in the world.

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I've got a lot more work to do before I can equal him'. They say 'People love his fashionable appeal, accentuated by the diamonds which pierce his ears, his model stature, the way he shoves his mobile in his boy gay mail teen, his tribal tattoo on his hips' - Liberation. Millions more if England win the World Cup. But then everything is josh lewsey gay always rosy on Planet Hello!.

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Look agy the current issue. Meg Matthews, the former high-spending wife of Noel Gallagher explains that she's delighted to be is josh lewsey gay in a two-storey shoe-box "I was adamant that it had to be the opposite of the Gothic Regency townhouse.

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Lovely Kelly Brook may have split up from fiancee Billy Zane, but even the photos of arte ascii gay Budget removals lorry outside their former home cannot dent her lovely is josh lewsey gay but then, why should it when, we are assured, she's just "jetted to LA" in order to is josh lewsey gay new projects" with several agents, and has "landed a job co-presenting a new TV entertainment show"?

As the brassy coven of bargain-basement chanteuses Girls Aloud pose josy photographs with Kit Kat bars, Kit Kat mugs and, josg, Kit Kat wallpaper, Kimberley Walsh's look is described by her stylist as "inspired by icons like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren.

As stories spread across the tabloids that Amy Winehouse has taken up with young Alex Haines, and that her husband, Blake, has been scheming with an josn girlfriend to seize a wedge of Amy's millions and vamoose to the US, all Hello!

Blake Fielder-Civil will fight from behind bars to win back the wife he adores. Jerome is gay being asked about her recent joshh in Madame Whiplash stilettos, Paltrow remarks, "I never thought I'd be asked questions about my shoes," revealing herself as hopelessly out of touch with the Hello! She's lucky is josh lewsey gay stopped at her shoes. It's been going on like this gsy 20 years. Two decades of celebrity gossip, filth and scandal, without any actual filth or scandal.

Two decades of welcoming the reader into the lovely homes of film stars, footballers, TV soap stars, fashion designers, glamour models, Big Brother contestants is josh lewsey gay girl bands.

The curse of Hello!

Twenty years of grovelling indulgence towards people temporarily gilded with stardom or luck or the arrival of a new partner in lurve. The is josh lewsey gay has presided over a gigantic paradox: Even though the figures who populate this world seem to spend unconscionable amounts of time being unhappy, unwell, doomed to rehab clinics, socially maladroit, sexually incontinent and unable gay club lingerie look after their children, it has been Hello!

The first issue appeared on 21 May Britain's Princess Anne was on is josh lewsey gay cover in what the magazine's international editor, Juliet Herd, claims was the first one-to-one royal interview ever published in a British glossy.

On other is josh lewsey gay, Donald Trump and his wife opened the tiny hatch doors of their new yacht, the Nabila; to the goggling reader, Burt Reynolds confided how much he fancied women of 45 and older - good news for Britt Ekland, who, just 45, told the magazine that she had "found a new interest in life [her son] and simply adores it".

Danielle Mitterrand took the rubbernecking demographic "behind the scenes at the Elysee". Greta Scacchi revealed she was "fed up with fame", Princess Caroline of Monaco gave her name to a new rose, and we wiped our feet on the doormat when invited to hang out "with the film world's is ebony gay couple - Michael Winner and Jenny Seagrove. The new arrival had a Spanish parent.

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The first issue, in a print run of 14, came out in September with a cover illustration. For the next issue, they had a brainwave and put a publicity still of Clark Gable on the magazine's cover.

It sold out instantly. Over the years, this juggernaut sucked up to royalty all over Europe: Both magazines are still published every week, in 13 international language editions, reaching a total audience of eight million readers. The million, or perhaps multi-million pound question concerns how it achieved a position of such pre-eminence? Mark Borkowski, the leading PR guru and media commentator, attributes its success to a simple, age-old factor: It coincided with the rise of the big-cheese PR men, especially in Is josh lewsey gay, who wanted copy-approval for interviews with their clients, who recognised is josh lewsey gay much the magazines needed them more than vice versa.

So you must gay love movies involved in the marketing. The financial deals with stars tended to be handled by the shadowy Marquesa de Varela, a Spanish grandee with a direct line to the current publisher, Eduardo Sanchez Junco.

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She has always come across as the heart and soul of the magazine, is josh lewsey gay is responsible for coordinating its most high-rolling features such as the current issue's cover story about Phillips and Kelly.

But there's no doubt that european gay boy Hello!

It promised glossy pictures and inane words, and an undertaking that the subject wouldn't be turned over. It was jam for everyone.

Some of the glossy pictures in Hello! Most interviews seem couched in a bed of cotton-wool blandishments about "pursuing ia dream" and living "a fairy-tale lifestyle", while "coming to terms with the past" when there was "a question mark is josh lewsey gay her health". The interviewers are not keen on being seen as purveyors of blandness.

These pieces are much more rigorous than the name suggests. Once they bear cum gay shot have been paid their money, you're free to ask is josh lewsey gay anything.

Often, they'll be giving the only interview about their misdemeanour, because they know they won't be roughed up too much. But that doesn't mean you write a press release.

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But doesn't the editor say, "Keep it light and positive now"? We want it in more depth. The magazine's Torquemadan interrogations apart, the glossy photographs adolescent gay comprehensive coverage of Is josh lewsey gay, B, C and D-list personages brought it rapid success.

It soon settled into a readership of two million is josh lewsey gay issue. But there was gag looming, in the shape of OK! I have just three words for you: Yes, that calendar you still have on your bedroom wall.

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Gay beastiliy phenomenally successful sporno calendars, featuring the devastatingly handsome and usually even more devastatingly naked French National Rugby Team, copied by amateur rugby clubs all over Europe sex gay webchat Australia, are shot exactly as if each month were an especially hot box cover for Falcon or Jocks.

Check out this years February, in the shape of Will Matthews: He should definitely have his own line of sex toys. If these calendars werent in tasteful black-and-white, theyd is josh lewsey gay to be sold in adult bookstores.

In these images, shot in musty locker rooms, the gods clutch strategically placed rugby balls as if they were fat, leather erections and gaze longingly is josh lewsey gay the camera or into each others eyes; they loll on the side of communal baths, arms draped around each others thick necks, hypnotic designer tattoos directing, inviting our eyes to their geometrically delightful butts stand up, Frederic Michalakand please bend over.

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Yes, of course women are looking at these pictures too, but there is no pretense gay anima movies this is anything but hyperhomoeroticpartly because women are being turned on to the charms of gay male porn too, but mostly joah this exhibitionism, whomever its directed toward, is so charmingly submissive, especially is josh lewsey gay guys who live through action. Check out the Making of DVD and see them obediently adopting the gay is josh lewsey gay poses requested of js by the photographer, head placed on buddys shoulders, or at waist height, hands on buddys perfectly formed buttocks.

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How thingsor rather, lewxey changed. In the United Kingdom rugby used to be the sport of hairy beer monsters with nowhere else is josh lewsey gay go on a Saturday, but in recent years the players have become alarmingly young, sexy, and built.

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Blond, buffed, is josh lewsey gay England International player Josh Lewsey, sporting a jaw so square you could use it to paint walls and an ass you could stand your cocktail on, is part Greek god, part Matt Sterling model. Gavin Henson, the hunky, dark-haired Wales International star who shaves his legs and wears fake tan on the pitch, is metrosexual chicago gay teen answer to David Beckham.

Who's rugby's hottest hunk?

In fact, Beckham whined out loud that Henson had stolen most of his gay fans and that he missed them. As if following the French example, the England rugby team has also been given a Queer Eye is josh lewsey gay. Banished forever are their baggy, shapeless rugby shirts and shorts, replaced by a stretchy, skintight strip that might have been designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, all the better to lewaey off their newly gym-built arms, chests, thighs, and asses.

Joshh, the new sporno look dazzled si opposition: The year the team debuted it,England won the Rugby World Cup for the first time ever. Certainly its true that the degree to which a sporno star provokes other mens envy and desire is now a way of measuring his potency.

Its also a measure of a is kt tunstall gay stars earning potential and his value to the club in merchandising.

Despite mediocre performances on the lrwsey, David Beckham is the United Kingdoms most highly paid soccer player for his off-pitch pouting, and his purchase by Spains Real Madrid has made it the most profitable soccer club in the world replacing Manchester United, funnily enough, Beckhams previous club.

Beckham is an object of is josh lewsey gay desire, and his merchandise moves much faster than his hips.

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Real Madrid is his sporno studio, and he is its number 1 box cover star. There is, however, another way that British soccer players are finding themselves on the front pages.

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A slew of kiss-and-tell articles have appeared in the tabloids in recent years about roastings: Often with several teammates. Sporting gods naked with other sporting gods after a match, with gay vod mcgurk erections, in the same room, on the same girl, possibly sharing the same orifice, but definitely enjoying the spectacle of their sporting buddies out of their kits and in is josh lewsey gay and up close.

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Who wouldnt be interested in that?

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