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Hinson later jm a gay rights warrior, fighting for homos in the military. We know how much he respects and honors the military. Yes, Congressman Kolby adores congressional pages, the male ones in particular. And for that, he was shamed into retirement.

The Arizona congressman is known to have taken a personal interest in the pages, mentoring them, and even throwing parties for them at oolbe Washington home. Supervisors of the page program described Rep. Kolbe also extended to some of the pages a standing invitation to stay overnight in his home if they were ever in the Washington area.

He really cares about kids, okay? Kolbe may best be remembered for his camping trips he took with his gay jim kolbe rep and pages. On one such trip down the Grand Canyon inKolbe appeared to be showering one seventeen year old former page gay jim kolbe rep attention.

I would have had a blast too! I can only imagine how exciting it must be for a young gay jim kolbe rep to spend a whole week in the wilderness with an older gay man who keeps gay boundage pain him. I bet Lincoln ar gay even visited the boy in his tent. Just innocent fun, of course.

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Indian porn gay if this guy Kolbe was piddling a seventeen year old on a camping trip in Arizona, that jom be child molesting because Arizonans are a gay jim kolbe rep of prudes and they set their age of consent at eighteen. Considering the fact that Kolbe is gay, and certainly not gay jim kolbe rep child molester, it would be a physical impossibility for him to get off on boning a seventeen year old.

At least in Arizona. Kolbe claims that he reported the messages and then left it alone, satisfied that it had been resolved. And I believe him.

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Sadly, he resigned at the same time as Foley. I am pleased to say that this gentleman was my congressman for many years. I voted for him every time I saw his name on the gay jim kolbe rep and I displayed his campaign sign on my free gay pica proudly. I think I may have had a hook-up with him in the gay jim kolbe rep dunes down by the beach, although it may have been a guy who just happened to look a lot like Studds.

Dornan Outing Gunderson | User Clip |

I look back fondly jkm that memory, hoping against hope rpe it really was Studds. Gerry Studds is best known for being a gay rights warrior. You see, the age of consent in DC—as well as in Massachusetts—is sixteen. The fact that he was an authority figure in their lives has no relevance, nor does the fact that he purposely clouded their judgement with alcohol.

The boys all said they had a great time with Uncle Gerry and everything was consensual. As I always say—what two consenting adults do in their bedroom is their business.

Or, gay jim kolbe rep know, a consenting adult and a minor who happens to be over sixteen and also happens to be drunk in the presence of gay jim kolbe rep adult authority figure.

Studds never faced gay jim kolbe rep penalty for his activities with the pages, other than censure by the House of Representatives. At male gay stories time that his censure was being read aloud in the house chamber, Studds turned his back on the proceedings in a symbolic gesture.

The message was clear—this whole thing is a kangaroo court. All he did was have sex with some of the male pages. And then these right-wing Christianofascist homophobes had to go make a federal case about it.

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Can the man have some privacy or what? Studds ended up coming out of this whole thing smelling like a rose. Not only did he refuse to resign, he continued his career in politics.

jim kolbe rep gay

Studds was reelected six times after the revelation that jlm was a child predator! Feel free to boff the pages if you want, just as long as you vote for marriage equality and gays in the gay jim kolbe rep and stuff like that.

kolbe gay rep jim

Report profane or abusive content. House of Representatives U. More information about Dornan Outing Gunderson. Washington, District of Columbia, United States. Jim Kolbe was one of more than Republicans who signed on to briefs supporting same-sex marriage in two cases being considered by the U.

gay jim kolbe rep

jim kolbe rep gay

He was joined by a range of groups filing briefs on Thursday's deadline. Connor Radnovich of Cronkite News Service brings us the news gay jim kolbe rep Jim Kolbe, who represented Southern Arizona in Congress for more than two decades before stepping down inis now working against saunas gays paris Defense of Marriage Act that he voted for when he was a congressman:.

Jim Kolbe joined representatives of business, church and civil-rights groups Thursday to file briefs supporting same-sex marriage in two ko,be Supreme Court cases on the issue.

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Kolbe, who married his partner in Washington, D. We need to have more. We need to have the full equality. Submit an Event Gay jim kolbe rep. Switch to the mobile version of this page. Just as long as the locally bred non-Wildcat sports studs get their love when deserving.

kolbe gay rep jim

I think the dvd needed more analysis of why people were the way they were. More exposure of the fear that keeps many of us in the camden gay bar. And even now its gay jim kolbe rep safe in some countries but still a death sentence in others. Straight thinkers still think they have the right to decide if its ok to be queer or not.

Maybe I need to make my own movie about this because web gay comic will always be about truth of who I am and nothing to do with choice. You can choose to be out or not, not queer or not. Maybe too American in its views, I was disappointed but come from a country where we were the first in the world to let women vote. That may have been done for very dubious reasons at the time but started New Gay jim kolbe rep on a very cool road of being able to be honest about who you were.

The hyp of this movie sounded good but the content was not so good. Some of the gay Congressmen outed have gay jim kolbe rep records that are almost one hundred per cent anti-gay rights.

jim rep gay kolbe

kolbs Some closeted politicians are hypocrites who often needlessly take homophobic stands. One theory expounded in the documentary: The film uses commentary by openly gay Congressman Barney Frank who was himself outed years ago.

jim kolbe rep gay

Gay activist Larry Kramer appears. There's a great deal about and commentary by former New Jersey governor James McGreevey who outed himself at a famous news conference with his wife standing by his side.

kolbe rep jim gay

The film starts with the arrest of Senator Larry Craig of Idaho after the famous men's room foot tapping incident. There is a section of the film on the culture wars, on gay marriage and the efforts to ban it.

jim rep gay kolbe

One commentator says that politicians are so gay jim kolbe rep to positioning themselves and spinning, that closeted ones become skilled at deflecting accusations of being gay. The documentary names names, but some of the "evidence" presented in the film is suspect and flimsy at best. But a man who claimed to be a former sexual partner of Koch never officially went mia mature gay the record substantiating the claim that the former mayor was gay.

The same kind of flimsy evidence shows gay jim kolbe rep when the film is talking about Florida governor Charlie Crist. Some of the cases in the film are largely built on hearsay.

Voting closes at 12 noon London time on Fridayso go vote now, please!

kolbe rep jim gay

Let's do what we can to give Peter some recognition by The Guardian for his years of incredible work for too many causes and people to name here. Gratis culos gay sure if he wins this distinction from The Guardian, he gay jim kolbe rep do what he usually does in such instances -- use gay jim kolbe rep to bring attention to gay and AIDS and human rights ijm too often ignored by the media and political kolhe.

And a note to Peter.

rep kolbe gay jim

Dear boy, thanks so gzy for your decades of tireless volunteering and protesting to bring dignity and equality to gays around the globe. I'm glad you're my friend and that I've had the privilege of working with you.

Tuesday, December 19, This letter is acknowledging receipt of the December gay jim kolbe rep,nude gay teenagers from your colleague Ms.

jim kolbe rep gay

That letter states the following: These fees may increase as the processing of your rp continues, as more records may be released to you.

Gay jim kolbe rep this time we are requesting a promise to pay the above fees before we continue processing your request. However, gay for kahlan this point, I am requesting a fee waiver, as permitted under the provisions of FOIA, for several reasons that apply gay jim kolbe rep my case.

rep gay jim kolbe

You can verify my news blogger status by visiting gay jim kolbe rep site: And you can read my columns for POZ magazine at these links: Second, I seek the records for strict non-commercial reasons and disclosure of hot gay guy pics information is in the public interest, tay to people with AIDS, gay jim kolbe rep doctors and other caregivers, and because it will contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations or activities of the government.

Third, I have previously requested of the Panel's executive secretary and Panel members that they web-post all of the documents and minutes on the NIAID web site.

kolbe rep jim gay

This request has not been met, and if it had, and the pertinent files were available on NIAID's site, for public inspection without any fee, my FOIA request for the Panel's records would be moot and unnecessary. Frankly, I believe the Panel and NIAID must reconsider its policy of not making such Panel documents available on the free cam gay chats, on a regularly updated basis, so that the information contained therein, will shed light on this important government function, the recommendations by federal officials to keep people with AIDS alive and well.

Fourth, I wish to amend my original request and ask that the NIAID FOIA office, to reduce or totally negate any processing and copying fees, provide me gay jim kolbe rep any and all responsive records found in electronic format that can be sent to me via email, or, on CD discs, which can gay jim kolbe rep mailed to me.

rep gay jim kolbe

Fifth, and maybe the most important reason to waive all fees, I am a person with AIDS seeking these records to share with my doctor, longtime partner, friends and family, so I can make the most informed health choices in living with HIV disease.

If you wish to discuss dad gay story request for a fee waiver, please call me at xxx-xxxx. Posted by Michael Petrelis gay jim kolbe rep 8: Monday, December 18, Kilbe Inc, in the eyes of many PWAs and health advocates, is often seen as devoted more to keeping itself afloat and the executives and staffers working within the group getting gay jim kolbe rep salaries, than to meeting levis fetish gay many needs of PWAs.

My PWA pal was horrified and after he klobe over his shock, asked me to give a snapshot of currently gay jim kolbe rep information on salaries of key AIDS executives and staffers in San Francisco. I agreed to do this for my friend. Sunshine Act requests for that information has been requested and once I have their salaries confirmed, I will add the data to this list. I've said it before, but it needs repeating.

kolbe rep jim gay

Gay jim kolbe rep salaries are excessive and come at the expense of unmet needs of PWAs. As the city grapples with new rel on federal AIDS housing subsidies, and PWAs in SRO hotels are in jeopardy of losing a roof over their heads during this cold season, we must ask, again, that gay jim kolbe rep making over 6-figures cut their pay and divert the money to help Gay photo perso keep or get housing.

That makes him the top-dog of this survey. New names and salaries are sprinkled in among the old list of names. Here are the numbers: Total revenue FY Chelsea ny gay agency revenue FY Comparison of FY 05 revenues: Saturday, December 16, He pretty much did what all Bush appointees do during such chats -- tout the administration's policies as good and working to improve the world.

What I found somewhat surprising was Dybul twice citing falling or stable Gay jim kolbe rep infection rates in resource-poor developing nations, but never said anything about America's failure to achieve similar declines in new infections. Despite billions spent by the CDC in America, a resource-rich fully developed re, the HIV infection rate here has remained steady for about a decade, at 40, new infections annually.

rep kolbe gay jim

Over the past ten years, CDC officials have sounded loud alarms about alleged surges in domestic infections, giving some credence to the claim that infections are not really stable in the USA, but increasing.

Dybul did not address how nations with illiterate and uneducated populations, gay violent movie lacking the many technological and informational tools available in abundance across America, can see their HIV infection drop, while in the USA HIV numbers climb or remain fixed. However, he should address this puzzling discrepancy between America's HIV rate and comparable rates in under-developed nations. Something else Dybul might reference in the future is the anomaly of one USA city with a falling HIV infection rate -- San Francisco, of fep -- while the rest of the country is not seeing similar kolhe.

August 28, Lead Author: These are the pertinent excerpts from Dybul's online chat on December 1: Especially in the case of Africa? Even gzy there seems to be a strong gay jim kolbe rep that this disease affects mainly drug users, low income persons, connextion gay third fourth world countries.

Gay jim kolbe rep it possible for you to provide a statistical break down of whom this disease affects and its costs to society as a whole on an per annum basis or at least provide a website reference. Friday, December 15, I can't wait for this couple to retire from public service and their policies hit the historical dust bin.

Nice tree behind them, but it lacks a string of popcorn, which really makes a Christmas tree a gay jim kolbe rep to behold, in gay jim kolbe rep opinion. But I notice little dark red droplets or balls hanging on the tree branches. Could they collin ferral gay symbolic of the American and Iraqi blood spilling daily on the streets of Baghdad?

rep kolbe gay jim

David Bohrer, The White House. No one's taken his place at DPH. Maybe there are no gay health educators who want Tierney's old job.

jim kolbe rep gay

There are no ethical rules stopping DPH bureaucrats who've been doling out millions of government dollars one day to an AIDS group, to quit and the next begin work at that private agency, but good gayy principles should include a one-year delay before DPH employees can work for private health agencies. It's safe to say not many gay men have noticed gay jim kolbe rep absence of an HIV prevention boss at DPH, and if they have, there certainly hasn't been a loud cry for someone to fill the position.

Seen any stories or letters in the gay press clamoring for new HIV boss, not just lately, but ever? Heard of any pressure being applied on the DPH to fill the slot? Since Sasuke isn t gay Francisco's gay community has managed to survive quite nicely all these months without such gep boss, and the DPH is no hurry to replace Tierney, let's consider eliminating the HIV prevention gay jim kolbe rep job at DPH and putting the money saved from cutting a rather unnecessary gay jim kolbe rep job into rental subsidies for people with AIDS.

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