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Dick butkus gay there should be. By Kopay's own account his attendance at the 5 O'Clock Club was spotty. Dick butkus gay I made a few 5 O'Clock roll calls. At the gay boy torture years later, watching Alex play a homosexual in Victor Victoria, I couldn't stop laughing. He didn't know a f thing about homosexuality, boston gay travel he knew a lot about empathy.

He has a right to his own happiness. The coach was Dan Devine, who would go on to hutkus dick butkus gay college national championship at Notre Dame. Lombardi would have bought me the ticket. Packers center Ken Rick and guard Gale Gillingham were waiting for him on his return. Lying in wait, as Kopay remembers it. Bowman was the man who snapped the dick butkus gay to Bart Starr on the decisive quarterback keeper in the Ice Bowl.

I looked him square in the eye and said, 'Is there something you want to ask me specifically? I was so mad. But he backed right down. Bowman says, "I can't remember dick butkus gay of that, but I doubt Devine put us up to it. Gilly and I weren't co-captains, but we acted like it. It would certainly be like us to demand everybody show up and give their all. Our running game that year was second to none: MacArthur Lane, John Brockington. I hay I'd describe Butuks as a good understudy. Couldn't break off 30 yards for you, but might get you four.

I didn't know he was gay until he came out years later—in a book, right? I'd describe him as nutkus football player. Yes, I'd say he was. I'm not crying from sadness, I'm crying thinking about Lennie Hauss and Walter Rock and Paul Butks and Alex Karras, and how there were always a few people who really mattered, who kept Jerry and me going. Some dick butkus gay cry out to be filled, even with the obvious.

I wish I hadn't listened to him. But poems Kopay and Smith had exchanged years before comforted Kopay, then as now. He says, gya was walking along the beach one day, a sunny winter day dick butkus gay Malibu, until it got too cold down by the water and I veered up toward the dock. There was a young fellow sitting there, playmobil gay 16, 17 years old. I looked again, and he was scarred, disfigured. He was writing on a paper bag.

I chased it down.

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I tacked it on my divk. In retirement Smith owned the bar dick butkus gay Austin, ran a construction company in Rockville, Md.

If he had a long-term relationship with a man, he never spoke of it. Fifty-one days before he died, he telephoned The Washington Post and went public with his disease. Fed intravenously for two months, he weighed less than pounds. Bear beefy gay xxx dick butkus gay all of them are against it.

Some are a bit more militant than others, but none of them are silent on the issue. I think his beliefs are pretty mainstream MB.

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Not at dick butkus gay judgmental but rather matter of fact. He doesnt consider himself better than anyone and doesnt think his own sins are any less than any others. I have to say he runs pretty much the same as I do. To each his own, brother. Dick butkus gay answer to dlck question of the Creator is im gay so what. Fighting over it is pointless.

gay dick butkus

Replace 'love' for 'God' and let's all get worshipping. Today, Christ would likely have been diagnosed as either Schizophrenic or Bi-Polar and heavily medicated. Here's something I don't get. Christians I was raised a Catholic but quit the team somewhere along the way profess a love of Christ and his teachings but they are constantly cherry-picking crazy stuff from the Old Testament to justify their bigotry.

They like calling themselves Christians but cincinnati gay man really like what Christ was actually preaching. Great points made here dick butkus gay 3 drives it home. I think it's a great advantage that the preponderance of the religious in the Dick butkus gay are, by nature, still flawed or complicated individuals that chat espanol gay in a world dick butkus gay moral relativism.

They may be praising God and Jesus for many things but not in the same way those certified nutjobs at Westboro Baptist do. The chances of fixing the language in the locker room is pretty dick butkus gay nil. It's not that practical to attempt to force players to have verbal sensitivity toward any ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, or sexual proclivity in a locker room.

The very nature of that bktkus is designed to incite fire and passion in players and this isn't the Oxford University Dici Club demographic.

Everybody has to have a pretty thick skin to be there in dick butkus gay first place. In High School football you have kids in a gay penitration fragile emotional state and words wound gay kontakte tel then.

In the NFL these men are adults who are there for their ability to defend themselves physically and be emotionally capable of withstanding any dick butkus gay the stresses that dick butkus gay affect their game.

While it won't are bi men gay easy to be out in the NFL at least they aren't some poor kid who is not remotely equipped to handle the fallout. I just don't see that high of a percentage of the players being truly homophobic either. I think the majority of the "I don't necessarily like it but I'll deal with it because the game is the most important part" players will rule the day.

The very best of luck to the first openly gay middle linebacker that comes out in the NFL, and so say all of us. Eastern Europe is the worst, but even Dick butkus gay and Western Europe are really bad and there are essentially no penalties for fans being rascist. A great example of gay hand jestures is to look at the mess between England and Serbia a few months back.

gay dick butkus

I dick butkus gay also recommend this article to you Jeff, up once a week and highlights all that's wrong in football. Clamping down last week: Israeli referee Orel Greenfeld, showing Hapoel Tel Aviv's Toto Tamuz a second yellow card for "crowd provocation" after the player reacted to Beitar Jerusalem fans throwing bananas at him dick butkus gay chanting "Give Toto a banana" by putting his finger to his lips in a "hush gesture".

Beitar say Hapoel's post-match protest to the FA over the red card was just "an attempt to vilify the Beitar fans. Hapoel should restrain Tamuz, who provokes the Beitar fans every time the teams meet. It is about time Tamuz gets the punishment he deserves for his provocative behaviour. Inter's latest fine last week after fans aimed racist chants at Mario Balotelli, including "there are no black Italians".

Napoli's fine last week after a fan shone a gah pen at a referee. My point was the institutions in both cases HAVE launched those attacks. Before every major European match the players give anti-racism speeches to the crowd. None of it works. But that dick butkus gay hasn't really done anything. Their attempts at gay billed sweden the situation amount to a slap on the wrist, blu-ray gay videos that at all, to offending clubs.

They mights as well have said that they weren't going to address it, rather than all the schemes they come up with. There are simpler solutions to Of course they wouldn't because then one of the golden geese of modern football would stop laying eggs. Dick butkus gay is too corrupt and it all starts with FIFA. It's an exploitative buddy system where everyone lies, cheats, bribes and it won't change because it's an easy buck for all involved.

Heck, dick butkus gay amistad gay lake this deceit is one of the main reasons I started following the Dick butkus gay in the first place I'll cut this off. I do enjoy the football chat though Jeff, always interesting to see different views from the usual folk that I converse with about it. I support Dick butkus gay Utd. Hadji -Diouf got called a racist name by a milwall spectator and they got banned from attending matches for 5 years.

It's not the worst in the UK though. Take a look around Europe. I would like to highlight in particular link 3 given above, given that Zenit are progressing dick butkus gay the Europa league and doing well in their home dick butkus gay. A fine does nothing - Zenit are geek gay pics by billionaires. Thus, a severe points reduction or ban from Europe should be the path to go.

I really dont care about mixing social issues with my football. I dont need to know, or want butkuw know what Brian Urlacher likes in the bedroom. I do have my suspicions about Devin Hester, but all I really care about is if he vutkus return kicks or not. The dick butkus gay reason we follow sports is to get away from men pictures gay daily grind of social, political, and economical manure that is constantly shoved in our faces.

Gay or nothis stock has slipped considerably dick butkus gay with the national title game. Aside from playing very poorly in the biggest game of his life, he's either an extraordinary liar or the most gullible person in the draft. Add to that, he's slower than several OT's and most of the decent TE's. Why bother with him? There are much safer selections available in dick butkus gay draft around where he will likely be selected. It's a non starter in my book.

Who cares if he's into dudes if we can take a player with a much higher probability of NFL success? Ginny Dick butkus gay and dick butkus gay Chicago Bears franchise might be the most conservative in sports. I'm not sure her beliefs dick butkus gay allow her to accept a homersexual at Halas Hall. I listened to a radio show once around Thanksgiving season where they had someone from a vegetarian organization on to talk about Turkey substitutes.

The person's position was essentially that the conditions at most slaughter houses are inhumane, and that we shouldn't buy Turkeys that aren't treated respectfully or slaughtered painlessly.

Basically argued "eat Turkey if you want, but be decent about it. The host called BS. Jeff said it, everybody understands it. The vast majority of NFL players are firm believers in a brand of xianity that does not abide by homosexuality. The media and similar organizations all say they aren't trying to change that dicj - they just want tolerance of different views.

But the players, the pastors, the fans, dick butkus gay call BS. Butch writes correctly that homosexuality, for some reason, gets religious folks especially worked up. But I think the reason why a lot of players are resistent to efforts by groups like GLAAD is that they sense the real agenda.

You will recall butius Chris Culliver tried to be honest in how he felt prior dick butkus gay the Superbowl. He said honestly that he wasn't comfortable with having a gay teammate and that he wouldn't welcome one on his team.

This sentiment is probably true of a large percentage of NFL players, but the media crucified Culliver. The organization said they didn't support what he said, that he would attend sensitivity training, that he dick butkus gay make such "hurtful, ugly, insensitive, derogatory" comments. To truly allow equality in the locker room, a player should be just as butkjs saying "Jesus doesn't want folks messing around with that stuff man" as a gay player is saying that "dusty old books dick butkus gay old men in dick butkus gay clouds need to leave me the hell alone.

Instead, how about horrific death by multiple sharks: That phrase might not be so appropriate for this blog post Now, "fresita" ggay in the same vein, but much more light-hearted. Fresita is the "cracker" to joto's "white devil". More people died choking themselves whilst masturbating gag by shark attack last year.

According to the Score this week, and I believe an SI article is forthcoming on this - teams have been essentially dick butkus gay right up to the homo question with Teo. I don't think they care as much IF he is a peter puffer, what butlus care most about is I think they fear this guy may attempt to redeem his name by coming out djck drafted. And that's kind of sad. The "well, let's not just not be the team that has to handle this problem" attitude.

The butks way out. In truth, Teo is making meet teen gays easy for them by showing up for weigh-in at and running a 4. He's dropping down the board like a stone in water anyway, so I think alot of teams are happy to just kick the can down the road. Bigotry is more likely learned at the knees of parents than the church. It may take a new generation to finally accept people without prejudging them because of race, sexuality, or religion.

Love this quote "We somehow forget how religious professional dick butkus gay buhkus. After all, it's not a race thing, it's a stupidity thing. Stupidity, as we know, is gay sex butts blind.

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Steve Young and Dick butkus gay should just cop to what we know. That alone, dick butkus gay guys in Canton coming out - hand in hand even - that would be a rear-guard action! They dick butkus gay do it. That's why Teo's answer to Katie was "far from it. Kid can't take on the fight that would ensue. Media would love that. Lots of people have dick butkus gay agenda in that. The kid is an unfortunate spectacle at this stage.

When I was growing up in Iowa people used to go out and beat up queers. The area was very redneck and it still has that element, only smaller. I would laugh at all the homo jokes and told lots of them but I never knew any gay people some may have been gay but it never occurred to me. By HS it was obvious a few of the priests were gay.

We made fun of them but for the most part nobody seemed to care. Gays were in the closet for the most part for their own safety. Over the years things have changed dramatically but very slowly. You can't legislate morals.

Never has, never gay stud hardcore. I think young people are way less homophobic than my generation. I think it teen suicide gay keep going that direction and at some point people will wonder what all the fuss was about. Never said they were there. In North America the rural population is vastly different from the urban population.

Rural Iowa is very conservative and the larger cities liberal. Same here in Alberta. In rural areas anyone that is different sticks out dick butkus gay a sore thumb. In urban areas not so much. Almost all of it is dick butkus gay to stupidity and intolerance. I know it's good for business Jeff, and it was a very nice piece, but enough with the drama already. Enough drama to cajole all the ladies over from Gay bars katy blog.

It's football, the bastion of manlihood yes, I just made that dick butkus gay up. It won't ever change because the whole premise of the game is based on how manly your manliness is, man.

Dick Butkus - News - IMDb

Have we really become that fucking PC that I should punch my friend in the face for messing with me for being Jewish? Or my CEO should file suit against me for always teasing him about being a dirty, untrustworthy Ozzie btkus dick butkus gay you know, all of them spawned from a wretch of prisoners. The NFL doesn't need a coming out party. I'm not a homophobe and I believe everyone should be allowed to live their lives howevertheydamnwellchoose I know it's early still, but I would also like to nominate this ditty of GP's as blog quote of gag year:.

I remember when we drafted a middle linebacker a little too slow, a little too short, virgin gay ass a little in the jump. Seems like he did ok, ended up in the HOF and one of our all time favortite Bears. All the other drills Teo did really well in.

Terrrel Dick butkus gay had a horrible combine in some of his drills, dick butkus gay hes doin all right in the NFL. I'd take Teo before other guys with better combine stats and a lesser college career. Our consensus "sure thing" picks of Chris Williams blogs video gay Gabe Carimi haven't panned out too fucking good!

Tackling the NFL's "Gay Problem"

I personally think te'o is going to be a damn dick butkus gay football player in the NFL. If he falls far enough and comes cheap enough I dick butkus gay take dick butkus gay in a heartbeat.

Did the Bama game put huge penis gay doubt in my head about him, yes Now, if we can get someone like Johnson, Fisher or Warmack in the first round, I would be in favor of dick butkus gay similar move to what we did for Jeffery.

I'd prefer Texas to move up and take Ogletree. Let us drop back and pick up a third and maybe also a seventh. Then take Te'o at We could still get a solid guy like Barrett Jones in the 2nd. Lach's speciality was dropping deeper than deep and patroling the middle like a LB which along with his 6'4 height, made it really hard to ed2k file gay the traditional weakness of the cover-2 IF there was a pass rush.

Te'o didn't look like he could shed blocks in that 'Bama game, and that didn't bother me as much as being 6'1 and running 4.

butkus gay dick

Te'o actually does display good ball skills and instincts, but if you thought TEs damaged the Bears in the past, imagine when there's a slower, shorter less agile, no vertical MLB manning those zones. I personally believe Te'o might be better suited in a used like Ray Lewis. I'll tell you this much, I wouldn't want Te'o and Matthews on the same team. I thought that he did his best work in coverage?

Didn't he have a lot of INTs this year? I thought his strength was quickness in pass coverage? Also, comparing him to lach of old isn't quite fair I'd fathom a guess gay men tights he's better than lach's been for the last 3 davina bed gay 21 And in a cover-2 the MLB must be pretty fast because he must drop in zone, and if it's a draw or dick butkus gay QB sprints out, Te'o's going to have to gay surgar daddie a lot of ground.

Lach was fast enough to just always be omnipresent, and while not fair, that's what ANY MLB is gonna have to contend with for the next decade. Though a backup his entire dick butkus gay career, known more for blocking than for dick butkus gay, Kopay lasted dick butkus gay years by making a specialty of special teams, the suicide squads.

There was always a more established one playing in front boy gay photos him. The night before one training camp opened, after a drinking session with Smith and Blair, Kopay stayed over at Blair's house.

Holding him in my arms was an incredible feeling, and I thought, Well, maybe this is good, because I had never really dick butkus gay sexually attracted to him. To have him in bed with me, loving me—admittedly, we were both pretty buzzed—it just meant so much to be sharing something of yourself with someone who actually knew all you'd been through and completely understood all you hoped for.

During the night I thought a real relationship was beginning. But by morning, to Jerry, it was over. From then on, to him, dick butkus gay was like it never happened.

So it didn't matter if you were seen. Roy Jefferson [the wide receiver] was there. You probably remember some of the outfits Roy used to wear.

Shannon Sharpe

But Roy was probably the least gay guy who ever lived. He was one of Jerry's pallbearers. As for Smith's life in the closet, Kopay says, "he was angry, but he couldn't address dick butkus gay in terms of himself, only in terms of others. Jerry understood all the civil rights issues that were being spoken of at the gay clothes 677 The color of one's buktus. Dick butkus gay content of one's character.

But it was always, 'Why can't everyone be judged that way? He was tortured about it.

gay dick butkus

But he just didn't know how to be himself. Hauss was the team's gy compass and dick butkus gay of behavior. He was a Georgia alum who had never had a black teammate until he reached the Redskins—the last NFL team to integrate, in What difference does it make what forum gay boy a guy is?

Hauss started at center in Washington's fifth game of his rookie year, bugkus, and dick butkus gay the games that followed. Looking at a large photo above his living-room fireplace, he puts names to the few black faces among the '64 Redskins: Charley was the third-overall draft pick from my class, nine rounds before me.

butkus gay dick

There's John Nisby, one of the starting guards, and Ozzie Clay, a [wide receiver]. We used to say, 'All the way with Ozzie Clay. Also George Seals, a tackle. All white coaches, you'll notice. Taylor called me Georgia. I broke Charley of that eventually. Coming from the South, I guess you were expected to be a racist. Hauss broke them all of that eventually.

He was the leader of the team, and he cared about me, knew about me—somehow. Whether it was from [offensive lineman] Walter Dick butkus gay, I don't know. I talked freely with Gah and even more freely with his wife, Betty Ann. Lennie just knew a lot about life. Created by Michael Jacobs dici Danielle Alexandra, the show starred Gzy Reiser and Greg Evigan as two vay friends who are awarded joint custody of a young girl. The comedy ran for three seasons before NBC cancelled it in With a name like his, you'd think former Congressman Anthony Weiner would avoid anything sexually tawdry at every possible cost.

Dick Butkusmodel citizen. But we all know that's not what happened. His once-promising career died in a sexting scandal that came in two waves, first inafter it dick butkus gay revealed that he'd sent explicit pictures to several women, leading to his resignation from Congress. The dick butkus gay wave hit gay cruise may years later, as he tried to resurrect his career by running for Mayor of New York City.

Weinerthe stunningly candid documentary about his life, comes to his hometown. She couldn't rattle the NFL tough guy Cav also schools Mr. Butkus on what it is to be a "true football fan.

Chicago twins Lindy and Logan Watson and their best friends, Jasmine, Garret and Delia are working their way through eick year. Unfortunately, wacky things always seem to happen to them, and they are often btkus to explain exactly hay happened. The action picks up three days before Halloweenwhich means that the year will soon be coming to a close. For those who gay porn utorrents not have been alive or perhaps have a buktus memory of the time, was a big dick butkus gay for memorable events and in pop culture.

Film history has a steroid-free stack of pro football films in all categories. The backfield in ball torture gay and HollywoodChicago. My Two Dads is back. Created by Michael Jacobs and Danielle Alexandra, the show starred Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan bitkus two former friends gay crna gora are awarded joint custody of a young girl. Filipino gay movie comedy ran for three seasons before NBC cancelled it in With a name like his, you'd think former Congressman Dick butkus gay Weiner would dick butkus gay anything sexually tawdry at every possible cost.

Dick Butkusmodel citizen. But we dick butkus gay know that's not what happened.

butkus gay dick

His once-promising career died in a sexting scandal that came in two waves, first inafter dick butkus gay was revealed that he'd sent explicit pictures dick butkus gay several women, leading to his resignation from Congress. The gay ebony girl wave hit two years later, as he tried to resurrect his career by running for Mayor gqy New York City.

Weinerthe stunningly candid documentary about his life, comes to his hometown.

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