Google will finally redesign Android’s emojis

Google seems to have surrendered to the evidence: their emojis were ugly and needed to improve, which will happen with the next version of Android
Each company uses its own ‘little faces’, something that the user does not always like
Everyone has ever faced this situation: why are WhatsApp emojis so different from the ones that Android then uses on its own? And the thing is going to get worse when they get through the manufacturers: LG, Samsung and others also have their own emojis. This is not something that happens in iOS or that suffer from iPhone users, however, because in fact WhatsApp emojis are the ones used in Apple phones.

What is going on here? This is all a matter of company policies and what each one understands as more recognizable, even if this ends up going against what most consumers have internalized. Perhaps because of this, Google has surrendered to the evidence. Android O, the new version of one of its operating systems that yesterday detailed more in depth in its development conference, will count on a new design of the emojis, that will casually look like Much more to what WhatsApp and iOS use and that they move away from the yellow faces with which they have been using until now. Version 5.0 of Google emojis uses round shapes for faces and redesigns many aspects of icons, from The colors used to the perspective.

Maybe this way they are not as recognizable as they are in the current version, but the similarity with the image that many users have of these icons surely favors the experience with Android.

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