The best way to use different messaging services at work- A Chrome extension

All-in-One Messenger works on all operating systems and allows you to access WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack and more services
Although not a very important problem in the day to day of people today, the fact is that to be switching between messaging applications is constantly a boredom. Switching from WhatsApp to Messenger and then moving on to Slack or Hangouts is something that happens to many. That’s why there are extensions like All-in-One Messenger, which runs on Chrome and therefore can be used on Windows, MacOS and Linux alike. There is currently no way to unify messaging services on the mobile, but at least there is this option on computers. Its operation is simple: you install the extension from the store of Chrome, register your different accounts of chats (it is safe, while you log in from the secure websites of each service) and then you change tabs within the extension program . All-in-One Messenger seems designed for work environments, because at home, everyone usually uses the mobile to communicate. In the office or writing, however, have everything in the computer with which you work and be able to answer quickly typing with a keyboard of those of a lifetime. It is not a question of hiding that is spoken by WhatsApp or Messenger in working hours, but of doing the best possible so that it does not completely disturb the concentration when passing from one to another. In that sense, this extension helps a lot and works just like if the original messaging service was used.

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