‘Shampoo’ joke comes back hard but this time went wrong

YouTube ripped out more than a laugh to all netizens with the return of the ‘shampoo joke’ that has generated thousands of comments and more than half a million visits.

YouTube is characterized by containing the most funny jokes of the famous youtubers, as is the case of the world-famous shapoo joke, which has generated great acceptance in the netizens, but this time things did not end well.
This is the ‘HoomanTV’ channel, which gets millions of reproductions on YouTube with its funny heavy jokes, like that of the shampoo, which this time returns in its eighth part to put in trouble the bathers of a busy beach.
People begin to rinse to remove salty water from the body, when from time to time begins to empt foam from his head, a fact that can not explain because even though they are rinsed, it does not stop appearing.
Many beautiful girls fall into the heavy joke, since the youtuber with fast movements is managed to move away from the scene when the unwary are bathing, however in this new edition, some things go wrong.
When he was ready to throw the product on the head of one of the girls, his lover manages to discover it and from moment to moment he leaps over him, leaving him lying on the sand, not letting him explain what happened.

The tape was shared on November 19 and so far has more than 500 thousand reproductions and thousands of comments of acceptance of the people, who have got them more of a laugh.

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