The most sensual robot in the world

They create the most sensual robot in the world that emulates the human being in facial expressions and contact almost 99%. It will be ready for the market in about 5 years and thousands are already thinking about appeasing their solitude with the “Women s Touch”

The most sensual robot in the world, the “Women’s touch”, was created by a Swiss cyber-company that estimates that the android will be finished in the next 5 years.
This realistic robot speaks, moves like a human and even sings in addition to being programmed to be the most sensual on the planet as she kisses, cooes and has movements that arouse eroticism in the male.
This droid boasts the highest level of the world in ‘natural’ and realistic facial expressions, according to experts.
The robot is able to perform quick and smooth body movements using 43 pneumatic actuators, distributed in 15 in the face, four in the body and 24 in the shoulders and arms.

The company estimates that very soon, even though it may look futuristic, thousands of users will be able to access this “Women Touch” and appease their nights of loneliness. Of course, human contact with a woman can never be replaced.

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