NASA finds dinosaur skull on Mars

Using a space probe, NASA has achieved a curious image on the red planet. In it you can see what was the skull of a dinosaur.
An image captured by NASA could show that in the red plane there was also life similar to that of Earth, so a photograph taken by the space probe Curiosity Rover shows us what was the skull of a dinosaur on Mars. This curious fact unleashed the debate in all internet.

For blogger Scott Waring, who posted the image on the website “Ufosightingsdaily”, claims that the snapshot has 1,000 million pixels, so you can see many details, however, that the photo does not see a skull of Dinosaur, but the head of an alien.

In addition, he has distinguished two other faces, none of the human beings can be considered human, although one of them has some resemblance to the carvings of the ancient Mayas.

After analyzing these data, the popular ‘alien hunter’, is convinced that Mars is once the same life forms that exist on our planet.

It should be remembered that it is not the first time that you see this kind of images on Tuesday, in previous months civilizations were pleaded and even a woman’s body on a rock.

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