She rejects a man and repents few seconds later

A Peruvian woman refused to accompany a man to a nearby restaurant after being asked this under the pretext that he did not know the neighborhood. She argued that she had a boyfriend, which prevented him from accepting the proposal of the unknown. But then she regretted having given pumpkin when I saw the car in which he was young, no more nor less than a Ferrari. Look at the reaction of the luxurious vehicle owner to change the view of the girl.
The desire for a person does not involve belongings, or material things, nor power, nor the interest to improve or acquire something we can not achieve alone and effortlessly. No more to say, watch the video and draw their conclusions.

Watch Video Here

There are several people interested in the world, more than one should have this reaction to such persons. Fortunately many women favor them look good, attractive, and desired and leverage these benefits to seduce men and have an easy life without effort.
Usually the term “Love” is associated with romantic love, a passionate relationship between two people with an important influence in their mutual interpersonal and sexual relationships. However, the term also applies to other different, such as platonic love or family love relationships, and also in a broader sense speaks of love for God, nature, humanity as a whole, which is often associated with empathy, and others.
This is the definition of what love is, let get outside interest that eventually can be perjuducial for our own health and that of others, let us strive to be better person.
What do think about it? Would you do what this pretty girl did?

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