Resurrect a bear carrying water frozen over 30 years

Resurrect a bear carrying water frozen over 30 years
The microanimal revived, which is able to survive in extreme weather conditions and even in outer space, was found frozen at the South Pole.

The National Institute of Polar Research of Japan has successfully risen to a water bear a microanimal commonly called so because of their appearance, wearing frozen three decades, reports Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun.
The microanimal, also called Tardigrade, was found in samples taken in 1983 near the Syowa Base a permanent research station in Antarctica Japan. The process to unfreeze the water bear began in May 2014, the report of the institute.
The tardigrades are able to survive in extreme weather conditions. In fact, they possess unique characteristics in the animal kingdom that allow them to survive in the vacuum of outer space, at very high pressures and temperatures between -200 and 150 Celsius. Also, they resist the prolonged dehydration, why is considered the toughest living being.

A curious fact is that Russian cosmonauts live tardigrades claim to have found on the cover of newcomers back from outer space rockets.
Water bears are able to enter a state of cryptobiosis or suspension of metabolic processes until environmental conditions of their environment back to normal. Institute researchers believe that the survival of this small animal help you better understand these processes.

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