Discover particles that could resolve the origin of the pyramids of Egypt

The patrículas of energy discovered inside the pyramid of Dahshur south could explain the system of construction of these Egyptian wonders.

On Sunday, an international team of researchers announced that analyze a cosmic particles that have collected in the south of Dahshur pyramid -located 40 kilometers from Cairo (Egypt) – to find evidence of how this building was made 4600 years ago, AP reports.

During a press conference held in the Egyptian capital, the director of the Institute for Heritage Preservation and Innovation in the country, Madi Tayubi, said that the X-rays in the pyramid installed last month as part of the muons detected Pyramids Scan -some energy particles that can be absorbed or deflected by objects-that reach the Earth from space.

By studying the accumulation of muons, scientists can learn more about the construction of the pyramid, in the time of Pharaoh Sneferu (about 2614-2579 BC.).

“We will not offer a single theory to be adopted worldwide,” he stated the vice president of the institute, Hany Helal, who explained that they are trying to “confirm, change, update or modify existing assumptions about how the pyramids were built “.

The south of Dahshur pyramid is distinguished by its particular form, because He assumed a failed attempt to create the first of ancient Egypt to build a prism of smooth faces.

With Scan Pyramids, last November it was revealed that there are thermal anomalies Pyramid of Cheops in Giza. On this occasion, together with the analysis of muons, will try to discover the secrets of the construction of the ancient pyramids of Egypt.

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